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Monthly and Project Dev Hours

Development hours you can use for a wide range of content, design or development work.
Recurring monthly purchases to supplement a maintenance plan, or one time purchases for short-term dev projects.
Get discounts with larger Dev Hours blocks. As low as $50 per hour.

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Quickly estimate how many additional Dev Hours your ongoing development requirements need each month.

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Describe your development requirements in as much detail as possible and get a free quotation.

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Development Work FAQ

What can I use my Dev Hour(s) for?

Any content modification, design changes or development work you need. Each support request will take up 15 minute increments from your Dev Hours.

How do I submit request(s) for development work?

We provide two ways to submit your request:

1. Login to your WebMaiD account and look for a request form

2. Login to your website and look for a WebMaiD request form

Remember to describe your request in as much detail as possible so we can immediately get to work implementing it.

Is there a limit to the number of development work requests I can make each month?

No. As long as they are still within the limits of theDev Hours you've subscribed for.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my monthly Dev Hours subscription?

Yes you can. Just let us know. We'll ask you to puchase a new subscription and then cancel your current subscription.

Why the 4 months limit for project Dev Hours?

We find that 4 months is a long enough period to get things done. Development project requires commitment from both sides. While we focus on the dev work, we'll need content, feedback and decisions from you on a timely basis. Expiring the Dev Hours after 4 months of purchase allows both sides to commit in completing the project, hopefully much sooner than that.

What if my project requires more than 4 months or 40 hours?

For a more complex project that takes longer than 40 hours or 4 months, you can purchase the Dev Hours in 40 hours increments as needed. Above 40 hours in each 4 months period, you can purchase additional Dev Hours at $50/hour. We'll provide the purchase links directly.

How do you track Dev Hours used?

Our team uses cloud-based time-tracking application. Dev Hours are tallied monthly in 15 minutes increments. You can request a timesheet to be included in your monthly maintenance report or your dev project report.